Wavy Eight Daddy Hat in Black

$ 30.00

Lmao imagine if you had a hat that induced symptoms of being on psychedelics every time you put it on. I wonder what that would be like... 🤔🔮

  • May induce new patterns of thinking, enhanced visuals, and open-minded empathy 👽
  • Our standard daddy hat made with 100% Cotton 🍑🌿
  • Includes 1 Wavy Eight Anniversary Pin 🌊🎱

Outfit Recommendation: If your shirt/pant is the center of attention (ex. multi-color plaids or loud graphic tees), a hat with a blank front can be the perfect accent that doesn't take away from the main attraction. For this reason, the Wavy Eight pin can be moved to the side and pinned over the 8 Ball Embroidery.

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